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Industry Experience

Quintax machining centers are in use around the world for the precise cutting, shaping, and trimming of both common and complex materials in numerous industries.


Quintax is a global leader in CNC Machining Centers for the aerospace industry. From fixed wing to rotorcraft, commercial to defense, Quintax has machines installed performing demanding machining operations on:

  • Fuselage exterior aluminum panels, Nacelles, fairings
  • Carbon Fiber panel and spar trimming, milling and drilling
  • Composite canopy milling and drilling
  • Nomex/Kevlar Honeycomb milling
  • Aluminum aircraft tooling and fixturing

Automotive/ Transportation/Heavy Equipment

When the machine requirement is difficult, automotive OEMs and suppliers turn to Quintax to meet their needs. Quintax has extensive experience working with automotive and truck applications on:

  • Scale body modeling
  • Interior and exterior part modeling
  • Full Class A truck cab milling and drilling
  • Automotive Dashboard and console relief milling
  • Aluminum headliner mold milling
  • Class A Truck Bumper milling and drilling
  • Carbon Fiber Tooling
  • Carbon Fiber racing tub milling and drilling
  • Molded plastic aftermarket parts trimming and drilling
  • Molded plastic tractor cab interior and exterior parts


Luxury yacht builders have discovered the value of 5-axis milling when it comes to improved productivity and cost savings. Quintax marine customers have recognized exceptional value when they need:

  • Full-scale hull milling
  • Interior part model milling
  • Plastic tank and part trimming and milling
  • Aluminum hatch extrusion milling

Model/Pattern/Mold Manufacturing

Long a mainstay of Quintax’s core machine business, captive foundry pattern shops, mold manufacturers and small to large independent pattern makers regard Quintax as a leader in pattern making mills.

  • Milling of small to large patterns in wood, Renshape, epoxy, foam, aluminum
  • Milling of amusement models, characters, animals and trees
  • Sand Mold milling
  • Aluminum mold manufacture


  • Single- and twin-sheet thermoformed part trimming, milling and drilling
  • Rotationally-molded part trimming, milling and drilling
  • Flat sheet routered parts
  • Production machining


  • Wind Turbine blade contour milling
  • FRP floor panel milling
  • Carbon fiber fixtures
  • FRP agricultural parts

Ceramic & Stone

  • High temperature refractory milling
  • Stone decorative panel sculpting and carving
  • Stone statue milling
  • Refractory shape milling

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