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Used FERRY RotoSpeed RO-670 Rocking Oven Machine

Machine is ready for acquisition.

This robust FERRY RotoSpeed Model RO-670 Open-top rocking oven machine, built in 1999 (Serial No.8431) is available for sale. The machine is currently disassembled but available for inspection.

Photos of machine prior to disassembly are available upon request.

General Stats

Oven Assembly:
Maximum mold length—254”
Overall machine length—approx 355”
Clamp end clearance—6” adjustable by cylinder
Mold swing diameter—96”
Maximum mold, powder and frame weight—5,000 lbs

Speeds-5-15 rpm via variable speed drive
Mold clamp system is oil hydraulic
Door actuator—hydraulic cylinders

Rocking System—AC electric gear-motor drive-3hp
Angle-infinitely adjustable from level to 45 degrees left to 45 degrees right
Programmable dwell time
Rocking speed—variable speed
2 x 2,500,000 btu/hr burners
Oven air circulation—2 x 7,500 cfm x 5hp each

Cooling Stations (2)
Steel frame
Fans only cooling
Electric gear-motors to turn the molds—rolling action only
Pneumatic cylinder clamping system to hold the molds.
GE 90/30 PLC system
Ferry Rotocure system for rocking oven machines.
This machine was in working condition when removed and was routinely maintained to keep it in operating condition. The machine is currently in storage and could be viewed by buyer before purchase.
As is, where Is, Los Angeles, California, USA.  No warranty.
Buyer will be responsible for removal from storage and outbound freight costs.
Electrical Service: 480 VAC/3-phase/60 Hz with 115 VAC, single-phase control voltage
Fuel: Natural Gas, 5 PSI
Paint Color: Precision Blue #415


Price (USD):


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