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FERRY is a critical manufacturer during Covid-19 Outbreak

April 1, 2020
FERRY is a critical manufacturer and open for business to support our many customers who are critical essential suppliers during the Covid-19 outbreak. Rest assured that we are taking the necessary precautions recommended by the CDC, WHO, Ohio Department of Health and Ohio Governor Michael DeWine.

March 23, 2020      

To our Customers:  


As a valued customer of FERRY INDUSTRIES, INC. I want to thank you for your continued support and to provide you with an update of the efforts we are taking to support your operations during this COVID-19 challenge.

FERRY INDUSTRIES is an Ohio-based machinery manufacturer located in Stow, Ohio,  FERRY manufactures the following products that are essential and critical for the functionality of the US healthcare system, the ongoing care of US citizens, or the ongoing operations of essential critical infrastructure:  

  • 9) Essential Infrastructure: Ferry’s machines are used to produce components underground utility enclosures critical for national communication and for water, gas and electric systems. Machines are also run around-the-clock production for the construction industry and sanitation industries including septic tanks, water tanks for waste-water treatment, and chemical storage tanks. Machines are also supporting production of parts for national defense systems and equipment.
  • I2b) Stores that sell groceries and medicine: Ferry’s machines are producing products for food containment, shipment and transportation to grocery stores as well as insulated products used to keep food and medical products at safe temperatures during transport. 
  • 12c) Food, Beverage: Ferry’s machines used to produce products needed for the food and beverage industry like ice production and containment as well as food containment and storage. 
  • 12h) Gas Stations & businesses for transportation: Ferry’s machines are needed for production of new and replacement components used in public retail fueling stations & pumps systems and for over-the-road trucking and constructions. For the automotive/trucking industry: fuel tanks, DEF tanks, hydraulic tanks, engine air intake systems, CNG storage. In the agriculture industry they produce fuel tanks, DEF tanks, hydraulic tanks; engine intake systems.
  • 12k) Critical Trades: Ferry’s machines are producing products daily for the cleaning and janitorial, sanitation.
  • 12n) Laundry Services: Ferry’s machines used to produce anti-microbial laundry carts and bins daily to serve the general public in hospitals and the hotel industry.
  • 12r) Transportation: Ferry’s machines and technical support used to produce new and replacement parts for aircraft and over-the-road truck transport systems.
  • 12v) Manufacture, distribution & supply chain for critical products & industries: Ferry’s machines and support serves the medical components industry for CPR medical test dummies and components for blood sample transportation. Also, computer system component production and production of components for the waste pickup and disposal industry.
FERRY is continuing to operate our manufacturing facility to meet your needs for these critical products.  We know it is imperative for the healthcare of US citizens and American critical infrastructure that FERRY does everything it can to continue to operate the manufacturing facility located at the above location at 100% capacity.    
FERRY  has instituted safety and health protocols recommended by Occupational Safety and Health Administration as well as the Center for Disease Control and Prevention including at least 10 feet social distancing protocols, in part, because the continuity of our operation is essential to supporting many aspects of the healthcare and US/global supply chain and critical infrastructure across multiple industries and institutions.  FERRY and its employees are ready to meet the challenge of today – fighting and defeating the COVID-19 virus – and seek your continued support. 
We believe that at this time of uncertainty we are called to do our part to make the world safer, healthier and more productive.  We trust that our commitment to you, our employees, their families and our community at large, combined with our joint undying dedication and perseverance will help to bring an end to COVID-19. 



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