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Ferry Industries, Inc., is committed to providing you with unbeatable service and support. Please contact us according to the company or product line as listed below.

Ferry Industries, Inc. World Headquarters

RotoSpeed Rotational Molding Machines & Femco Precision Bandsaws

4445 Allen Road
Stow, Ohio 44224
Adam Covington, President
Phone: +1-330-920-9200 ext. 144
Fax: +1-330-920-4200
Ann Rowland, International Sales Manager
Phone: +1-330-920-9200 ext. 135
Fax: +1-330-920-4200
Phil Taylor, Vice President of Operations
Phone: +1-330-920-9200 ext. 107
Email: ptaylor@ferryindustries.com
Courtney Mahan, Chief Financial Officer
Phone: +1-330-920-9200 ext. 143
Joe Welling , Engineering Manager
Phone: +1-330-920-9200 ext. 106
Email: jwelling@ferryindustries.com
Ryan Hearty, Spare Parts Sales
Phone: +1-330-920-9200 ext. 114
Fax: +1-330-920-4200
Rich Warren, Service Manager
Phone: +1-330-920-9200 ext. 121
Fax: +1-330-920-4200
Dan Inskeep, Customer Support Engineer
Phone: +1-330-920-9200 ext. 110
Fax: +1-330-920-4200
Email: dinskeep@ferryindustries.com

4445 Allen Road, Stow, Ohio 44224-1093 USA
Phone: 330.920.9200
Fax: 330.920.4200

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