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When performance counts.

Building Successes Worldwide

Day in and day out, Ferry Industries, Inc., is helping people and organizations around the world build better machines, refine their processes, and save money and time through better, more efficient products and solutions.

Diversified Buys Ferry RotoSpeed Machines

Rotomolder Diversified Plastics unveils new equipment, expansion

Formex Manufacturing

Overall, Quintax machines are high quality. When you put the machines in that price range beside each other and look at how well built and how sturdy they are, Quintax is better. That’s the biggest feature for me when someone calls for a reference.

Trilogy Plastics

Ferry continues to innovate and improve their machines, so every time we get a new one there’s a new feature on it. If you want something special, they try to do it for you. They’re a solid organization all the way through.

Stern Assembly & Rotomolding

I would definitely recommend Ferry because they made me feel like I was number one to them. They treated me like I was their only customer, which you don’t see a lot of nowadays. They were so easy to work with.

Sterling Technologies, Inc.

Their availability and quick response are great strengths. I’ve never had to sit around and wait for them. I’ve had a good experience with their tech support. They also have a quality product. Their machines are very durable.

Confluence Watersports

Ferry for me, in this industry, is the only machine I’m going to buy. I think they have the best-designed piece of equipment on the market. It’s a really solid piece of equipment that’s easy to work on with very little downtime. Harry and his team always

Norweco, Inc.

Harry and his staff do not just build machines — they know how to use them. I’m convinced they can come in and run our operation from beginning to end. To us that was the key difference in the success of our project.

Acrylon Plastics, Inc.

I’ve been with Acrylon Plastics for 25 years. Around 1998, we started to replace our older equipment and chose Ferry Industries as our major supplier. Since then, we’ve bought four rotational molding machines from them.

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