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Confluence Watersports

Around 1999 we purchased our first piece of Ferry equipment and have continued to stick with their brand since. We use four different models of machines, ranging from a 2 meter to a 6 meter, and have been really pleased with them all the way around.
At Confluence Watersports, we’re always seeking to make process improvements and push the limits of what we can do as far as equipment is concerned. Together with Harry Covington and his team, we were able to make some of these improvements by tailoring their machines to meet our unique needs — designing upgrades to their programming and equipment to do specific things we wanted to accomplish in our processing. We worked well together as a team and they were very helpful throughout the process.
Ferry for me, in this industry, is the only machine I’m going to buy. I think they have the best-designed piece of equipment on the market. It’s a really solid piece of equipment that’s easy to work on with very little downtime. Harry and his team always make it happen for us. A lot of engineering has gone into their design. Their technical ability and willingness to work with you, make changes to their products, and suit your needs far exceeds that of other companies in the industry.

Chris Riggins
Director of Engineering
Confluence Watersports

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