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Fixed-Arm Turret Machines

Ferry RotoSpeed Fixed-Arm Turret RS3-2600EFixed-arm turret machines provide increased processing capabilities while promoting the most efficient use of labor. Ferry Industries has expanded the capabilities of the traditional turret machine to meet the production needs of the user. Six direct-drive RotoSpeed turret-style configurations are available.

A turret machine has all the arm assemblies fixed to a common indexing turret. Indexing the turret from station to station will result in all the arms moving to the next station simultaneously. RotoSpeed Fixed-Arm Turret machines are available in three-arm and four-arm versions.


A three-arm turret machine is generally used in applications where the oven (1), cooling (2), and servicing (3) cycles for the parts on each arm require relatively equal process time. Four-arm turret machines are used where one part of the process (heating, cooling, or servicing) requires up to twice as much time as the other functions. Custom design for these machines is available.


Models Available: 6
Number of Arms: 3 or 4
Swing Ranges: 55" – 120" (1,400 – 3,040 mm)
Weight Capacities: 750 – 3,000 lb (340 – 1,360 kg) per arm


Ferry RotoSpeed RS3-1400 3-Arm Fixed-Arm Turret Machine

Ferry RotoSpeed Fixed-Arm Turret RS3-1400

Ferry RotoSpeed RS3-2200 3-Arm Fixed-Arm Turret Machine

Ferry RotoSpeed 3-Arm 2200 Turret

Ferry RotoSpeed RS3-2600 3-Arm Fixed-Arm Turret Machines

Ferry RotoSpeed Fixed-Arm Turret

Ferry RotoSpeed RS3-2600 Turret

Ferry RotoSpeed 3-Arm Fixed-Arm Turret Machine

RotoSpeed 3-Arm Turret Machine

RotoSpeed 3-Arm Center Section  Ferry RotoSpeed 3-Arm 2600 Turret Center

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