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How the Rotational Molding Process Works

Rotational molding technology expands the capabilities of polymer product manufacturers by enabling them to create lightweight, seamless, and stress-free parts of any shape and size — no matter how complex.

Products created through the rotational molding process consist of a variety of colors, finishes, materials, performance characteristics, and surface textures. Rotational molding also economizes product design and manufacturing better than blow molding or conventional injection molding.

Rotational molding is a 3-stage, no-pressure plastic molding process:

  1. Heating — The mold slowly rotates in two planes (biaxial rotation). Heat transfer causes the plastic charge inside the mold to melt and uniformly coat the interior of the mold.
  2. Cooling — The mold moves to a cooling station to be cooled by air and/or water spray.
  3. Unloading — The part is removed from the mold and a new charge of material is loaded into the mold.

RotoSpeed rotational molding machines enhance this process with design styles that vary the configuration of these three stages. A variety of sizes accommodate most processor needs. Over 40 standard models of RotoSpeed rotational molding machines are available, with mold swings up to 240" (6000 mm) and weight capacities up to 10,000 pounds (4,540 kg).

Supported by the versatility, dynamics, and market responsiveness of Ferry Industries, Inc., RotoSpeed machines consistently benefit from new designs, product refinements, and effective integration of ancillary equipment to advance the technology of and value to our customers.

What Can I Make With Rotational Molding?

Rotational molding enables polymer molders to produce items ranging from small toy components to agricultural reservoir tanks that can hold up to 22,500 gallons (85,000 liters) of liquid. A variety of polymer materials can be used to provide specific characteristics to the products. By using multiple charges, a foaming agent can be added to provide insulating qualities. Close tolerances and tight radii can also be made to allow interchangeable and interlocking components.

The world of rotational molding is the fastest growing segment of the polymer industry. Ferry Industries and its RotoSpeed rotational molding machines can help you grow, too.

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