RotoSpeed Rotational Molding Machines
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Laboratory Machines

Laboratory machines are single-arm, small-capacity machines for prototyping and developing resins, colors, additives, and other work where part of the molding process needs to be replicated.

The RotoSpeed Lab-40 model is a single-arm machine with a 40" (1,000 mm) swing and 300-pound (135 kg) weight capacity. Separate oven and cooler stations correspond to real-world production methods. A gas-fired oven is standard; an electrically-heated is available.

Among the standard features on this machine is our RotoCure System Manager control with 17” (430 mm) flat screen color monitor and multiple-passage internal gas.

Single-arm RS1-1400 (RS-120) with production style oven and cooler and configured as a three station machine; oven, service and cooler.

Models Available: 1
Number of Arms: 1
Swing Ranges: 40" (1,000 mm)
Weight Capacities: 300 lb (135 kg)

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