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Desktop Software Program For Rotomolding Cycle Simulation.

RotoCycle is a Windows® based software package production simulation calculator that aids the user to determine the production output of a machine based on the 9 machine styles (Independent-arm, Fixed-arm Turret, In-Line Shuttle) the configuration (number of arms, stations, indexing time, etc.) and the mix of molding cycle times for each arm. The effect of unbalanced cycles and the bottlenecks created can easily be seen with the onscreen and printable reports.

RotoCycle is intended as an analysis and teaching tool. It can be used for:
  • Estimating machine production output
  • Illustrating the effect of long or short oven & cooler times on production output
  • Estimating waiting times in cooling stations
  • Estimating waiting times prior to entering the oven station (operator free time)
  • Match cycle station times for maximum output - use multiple station Independent-arm machine more efficiently
  • Illustrates the effect of demolding times on productivity
  • Calculates total parts per arm to show estimates of total production output
  • Includes 5 languages options: English, Spanish, German, Italian and French
  • Helps to determine the best product mix on the most common styles of machine for maximum efficiencies

RotoCycle calculates time for each arm at each station to pinpoint delays and bottlenecks in your machine set-up. Compare station utilization with the bar graph and maximize station/oven use as this relates directly to your overall productivity, greatly enhancing efficiencies. Balance station times for maximum arms-per-day on machines with multiple ovens and coolers. See the effect on productivity on a complete machine when time changes on only one arm. Print out detailed simulation results for comparison.

Now you can determine the best product mix on each of your machines for maximum production efficiencies.

Ferry is the Exclusive Sales Channel for RotoCycle, experience the value of how RotoCycle can improve your production and machine choices.

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