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NEW FERRY RotoSpeed RS3-2600 Independent-arm Style Machine - Available for Quick Shipment

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Each NEW FERRY RotoSpeed Model RS3-2600 Independent-arm style machine is in process.  Machines are brand new and come with a 1-year warranty.

General Stats

•   102 x 92" (2590 x 2335 mm) spherical swing
•    3,000 lb. (1363 kg) weight capacity per straight arm
•    AC motors for major, minor and index axes; AC motors for oven doors.
•    PLC controlled with  Ferry RotoCure 7 (WES) on PC
•    Four straight arms on independently-indexed carriages in a five-station arrangement
•    One oven station
•    One intermediate station
•    One cooling chamber with fans and without doors
•    Two service stations.
•    Dual-passage inner air on all four straight arms (High/Low)
•    Can be purchased as a 3-cart or 4-cart machine
•    Optional L-shaped offset arm is available as an extra arm or can be exchanged for a straight arm
•    The following optional items can be added:
- InfraRed Thermometry (IRT) in the oven and cooler
- Circular chart temperature recorder on the main control panel
- Free-standing fan (1) for the intermediate station
- Arm orientation on the major axis of all arms
- Minor axis clutches
Electrical Service: 480 VAC, 3-phase, 60 Hz with 24 VDC control voltage. 
Fuel: Natural Gas, Customer to bring 2-10 PSI gas pressure to the machine.  Customer must specify exact pressure.  Flow rate must be 2500 cubic feet per hour.
Paint Color:  Precision Blue
Index Direction:  Clockwise

Price (USD):

Contact us for a quote on the configuration of this machine you need.

Payment Terms:

Will be noted on the official quotation.


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