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RotoLog 5.0 Wi-Fi


RotoLog 5.0 Wi-Fi Diagnostic Tool -- Now in stock

This unit can be used on any rotational molding machine to determine the internal air temperaturature inside the mold.  Allows you to make sure you optimize your material properties by reaching a consistent peak internal air temperature (PIAT).

RotoLog 5.0 Wi-Fi provides real-time measurement of air temperature inside the mold.  This is key to understanding the various stages of the rotomolding cycle.

Helps determine the optimum heating & cooling cycle for ideal part performance and minimum utilities usage.

General Stats:

RotoLog 5.0 Wi-Fi consists of transmitter with mounting bracket, a Wi-Fi router, 4 ice packs, thermocouples and software.  It is all packed in a Pelican travel case.


• Operate several RotoLogs on the same machine
• Run several RotoLogs on different machines at the same time in the same building.
• No radio frequency or electrical noise interference.
• No receiver.


Price (USD):

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