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Independent Arm Machines

Ferry Industries, Inc., pioneered the four-arm, five-station independent-arm carousel machine for the rotational molding industry. RotoSpeed independent-arm machines (with each arm on a separate cart) provide a multiple-station arrangement for heating, cooling, and servicing. Each cart indexes about a center pivot post and shares a common load-bearing track.

The floor plan provides five process stations:

  1. Oven
  2. Pre-cool or Intermediate
  3. Cooling
  4. Unload
  5. Load

These machines can be purchased with only one arm/cart. Up to three more may be added without mechanical modifications to the existing machine. Double ovens or double cooling stations are available initially or can be added later due to the modular layout of the RotoSpeed independent-arm concept. Custom design for these machines is available.

Models Available: 17
Number of Arms: 1 – 4
Swing Ranges: 55" – 239" (1,400 – 6,000 mm)
Weight Capacities: 1,000 – 12,000 lb (454 – 5,460 kg) per arm
Ferry RotoSpeed Independent-Arm Center Section Overhead View, 3-arm/carts shown.
Ferry RotoSpeed RS1600 Independent-Arm Machine
RotoSpeed RS3-1600 Independent-Arm Machine
Ferry RotoSpeed RS2600 Independent-Arm Machine
Ferry RotoSpeed 2600 Independent-Arm Machine
Ferry RotoSpeed RS4-3300 Independent-Arm Machine with Operator Platform
RotoSpeed RS4-3300 With Operator Platform
Ferry RotoSpeed RS3-3300 with Offset Arms
RotoSpeed RS3-3300 With Offset Arms
Ferry RotoSpeed RS4-3300 with Twin Coolers
RotoSpeed RS4-3300 Independent-Arm with Twin Coolers
Ferry RotoSpeed RS2-3700
RotoSpeed RS2-3700 Independent-Arm
Ferry RotoSpeed RS2-3700 With Operator Platform
Ferry RotoSpeed RS2-3700 with Platform
Ferry RotoSpeed RS3-4600 with Platform
RotoSpeed RS3-4600 With Platform
Ferry RotoSpeed RS3-6000 (under construction)
Ferry RotoSpeed RS3-6000

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