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Diversified Plastics Expands with Ferry RotoSpeed Machines

January 17, 2019
As posted on Plastics News - January 9, 2019
by David Hutton

Diversified Plastics Inc. has added a new product line of steps for spas, pools and boats and is investing in new equipment to support that production.
To boost productivity and manufacture greater quantities of plastic products, Latta, S.C.-based rotomolder Diversified Plastics Inc. is adding new equipment and expanding its facility in the Palmetto State. The company is adding a new (RotoSpeed) rotational molding oven (machines) from Ferry Industries Inc. and a robotic cell from Advanced Technology LLC.
According to DPI President Tommy Wallace, the new rotational molding oven became necessary when the company debuted a new product line of plastic steps used for spas, pools, boats and workshops. Ferry Industries was a natural selection for the company. "DPI has been more than pleased by the previous purchase of the Ferry 3700 for the dependability and service" Wallace said in an email interview with Plastics News.
"Needing an additional machine for our larger material handling products, custom parts and our current product line, we chose another Ferry." The new oven will join a lineup that includes five Rotoline machines and a Ferry at the South Carolina plant and four Rotoline machines at the company's facility in Union Point, Ga.
The robotic cell will assist in the trimming process at the facility, allowing trimming to be completed more consistently, safely and efficiently with less scrap. The robot will be used to trim high production products, like the plastic spa steps. Wallace said the trimming process can be difficult and hazardous for employees. "The robot will provide quality and consistent trimming," he said. "On our high-production items, it is hard to employ capable trimmers to provide the quality we offer.
"Wallace added that while this is a new move for the company, additional robots will be added as needed. The company also is adding 26,000 square feet to its facility. "The expansion will provide the necessary space to handle our large material handling product lines and the increase in sales more efficiently," Wallace noted. The company, which employs 65 and has annual sales of $14.5 million, is investing $1.2 million in the new equipment and expansion. Wallace said DPI is optimistic about 2019. "We continue to grow and update our equipment to handle the growth and to become more efficient to satisfy our customers and seek new product lines and enhance our custom molding capabilities," he concluded.
Since 1976, DPI has been a leading manufacturer of rotationally molded custom and standard material handling carts and plastic storage containers. It specializes in material handling carts for the industrial, textile, hospitality, laundry, agricultural and marine industries. It also produces waste and recycling plastic containers for restaurants, sports venues and stadiums, apartment and condominium complexes and corporate offices.
DPI's diverse product line also includes bulk material handling carts, plastic utility carts, bulk containers, tote boxes, round containers, spring platform trucks, elevated carts, easy-access carts and tilt trucks.       See article

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