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RotoLog 5.0 Wi-Fi - A diagnostic tool for any rotational molding machine.

Real-time cycle diagnostics for rotational molding The RotoLog™ 5.0 Wi-Fi is the latest version of the highly successful system, originally developed at the Queen’s University of Belfast in Northern Ireland, that lets you know what is happening inside the mold. RotoLog identifies the time at which the powder has melted in the mold, shows the peak internal air temperature (PIAT) inside the mold, the time at which solidification occurs in the cooling cycle and the time at which de-molding can take place. By establishing an optimum cycle time, waste is minimized and production is maximized.

RotoLog™ 5.0 Wi-Fi allows real time adjustments to be made during a molding cycle, thereby optimizing process and part quality. Internal mold air temperatures can be recorded; this temperature measurement trace has long been recognized as providing vital information on the quality of the final molded product. Tests have shown that the peak internal air temperature (PIAT) is directly related to the impact strength of the part.

The RotoLog™ 5.0 Wi-Fi transmitter is housed in a portable stainless steel canister which is mounted on the framework of the mold. RotoLog™ 5.0 Wi-Fi monitors the temperature using K-type thermocouples and transmits the data to your computer using a Wi-Fi Router. No receiver is necessary. Your computer is used to display the data on-screen, in graphical format, and records the cycle data for printout and future reference in .csv format.

RotoLog™ 5.0 Wi-Fi can be operated continuously by using ice packs to control the temperature of the electronics in an insulated transmitter canister. The ice packs can be easily replaced. Software displays the internal temperature during testing and the operator can change the ice pack as required. By using Wi-Fi instead of a single radio frequency, multiple RotoLog units can be used on the same machine or on several machines within the building without electrical noise or interference of other devices.

Advantages: • Optimize cycle times - Develop optimum cure time and set points & optimum cooling time and set points • Develop correct molding cycles for new molds the first time • Optimize cycle times for multi-cavity spiders • Reduce scrap • Save energy • Improve quality of rotationally-molded plastic products • Provide quality control certification for customers • Evaluate new materials • Check oven/cooler performance • Now available for continuous use, 24 hours per day.

Ferry RotoLog 5.0 Wi-Fi

Ferry RotoLog 5 Cycle Trace

1) Material Starts to Stick
2) Material all Melted
3) PIAT (Part Internal Air Temperature)
4) Crystallization
5) Unload Temperature


Ferry RotoLog 5.0 Wi-Fi Mounted to Spider

Ferry RotoLog 5.0 Wi-Fi On Spider

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